Easy & reliable way to discover your people management skills!

  • Simulation aimed at testing basic manager’s skills
  • 2-hours game
  • Live tasks and decision-making situations
  • A tool to assess candidates and employees

Watch the video

"Remarkably comprehensive
 and deep assessment of
   skills - now I know what
  I can expect from

"It‘s a real game with
 great challenge and high
    immersion - I haven‘t even
  noticed how the time
     passed by"


  • Saves your time
  • Can be used by an unlimited number of applicants in any part of the world
  • No hard-, soft- or any-ware required! ! Just make sure you are online
  • Results can be obtained and used immediately


  • Focused on key practical skills
  • Based on best working practices
  • Uses real work environment, tasks and decision
    making situations
  • Based on mathematical methods not just feelings


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