About the Product

We have created on-line business simulation to discover manager’s skills.

Assessor needs no more than 5 minutes to appoint the assessment session and get the results. Detailed report on productivity, demonsrated managerial skills will be provided for each assessed candidate. Applicant needs 2-3 hours to get through the exciting gameplay allowing a deep immersion into real working environment with managerial tasks and decision-making situations. Assessment outcome of a particular person can be compared with the outcomes of other people with different backgrounds, geographies, etc. This option is available for either assessors or applicants.

Overall manager’s rating


Time management effectiveness


Managerial skills

Speed of getting results
Achievement of results: number and value of tasks completed
Level of skills maturity

More Information

Our simulation is easy and reliable way to discover your people management skills:


Saves your time

Add up the number of hours you waste on the futile interviews. Use these hours on your first priority project!

Two clicks to start the process and get the necessary assessment.

Unlimited number of applicants in any part of the world.

No limits! Use the simulation for managers from anywhere in the world. Assess as many people as you need.

No hard-, soft- or any-ware required! Just make sure you and your managers are on line!

NO NEED to buy computers

NO NEED to buy/distribute/integrate any soft

NO NEED to lease additional office space

Results can be used immediately

NO NEED to call experts to interpret the results! Just open your Skiliks Office and use the managers’ assessment data to make the decision!


Focused on the practical skills

We focus the simulation on measuring real managerial skills – their ability to bring value from the first working day. Skill itself is the mastered capacity to carry out pre-determined results with minimum resources.

Based on best working practices

We developed the assessment based on the selection of crucial practical skills that define manager’s performance with detailed analysis of how these skills become apparent in behaviour

We are continuously up-grading managerial skills profile

Uses real work environment, tasks and decision making situations

In the simulation we have replicated the manager’s everyday life - familiar tasks, situations, interfaces and office environment. It helps manager to be himself and demonstrate his best results.

Based on mathematical methods not just feelings

Each skill is assessed in many instances throughout the simulation forming valid outcome. Just imagine how many days you need in order to do it in real life!

We collect and analyse the data of hundreds of participants to manage the simulation.

We give you the possibility to compare candidates using clear quantitative criteria.


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