Meet the Team

As managers we know the issue of hiring and developing professionals. As consultants and continuous improvement practitioners we know the way this issue can be solved. So we decided to create the product that would help managers of any level in any business to build their teams with much more confidence and without time-consuming assessment process.

Maria Gorina

Effectiveness champion
Mentor to everyone
Structure wizard
simply The Boss & Visionary

Leah Levin

Never gives up in front of any mission
Master of social contacts
Creativity and visuals pioneer
Black belt in continuous improvement

Tony Pryanichnikov

Analytical engine,
Master of details and algorithms,
So lazy that nothing escapes of
being optimised and automated
Exceptional in producing managerial kicks


Management, psychology,
teaching, assessment experts

Our Values

  • We love people and we are eager to help them in realising their aims, we are happy to see them doing it in a smart way and with inspiration
  • We love creating simple things that solve complicated issues
  • We adore good design and facilitating technology
  • We value professionalism in every field


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